Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cornish Charity Shopping...

There are two things I love about holidays (apart from spending time with family, reading and heading back to London) - charity-shop shopping and soft water...

My hair goes from feeling brittle and snappy (or is that just my mood...) to soft, light and bouncy (think retro Timotei advert).

And then there are the charity shops! I love searching (nosey), exploring (finding the unexpected), the thrill of 'the find'!
So far we have been here one day and I have managed to find 2 out of the 3 local charity shops - the third was closed (plus why to rush and spoil the fun!) and I have found...

a set of clown coat pegs,
 two small 1960's bags,
 a rather fun necklace 

- the grand total of which has cost - £5.50! 
Another thing I love about (briefly) leaving London - the cost (low cost!).