Friday, 21 June 2013

Dressing in Stripes...

The Cornwall holiday morning had arrived! No-one was packed or ready... so each to our own, we dressed and packed (I, obviously packing for Mushroom).
Breakfasted, we nipped out to give Jasper and Sugar a wee walk before the long and arduous journey (why does it always take us a full day to travel anywhere we go - NY, Italy, Cornwall...).


A woman shouts to us 'stripes in fashion then?'
I think 'something I probably shouldn't think or write' and then for some reason look at us (probably for the first time in the day)...

Each one of us dressed in a stripy top!

Stripe Top - ASOS, Zebra Tee - H&M, Bottoms - Primark, Shoes - Toms
Mushroom - Stripe Tee & Bottoms - Zara, Crocs - Crocs