Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Easy Peasy Chocolate Crispy Cakes...

As we approach are family summer holiday (kid, dogs, caterpillars...) my thoughts are already slightly thinking of our return (I must learn to switch off!). Any - we are arrive home on the Friday late afternoon and pre 9am Saturday I have to present a basket (ok - I'm romanticising) plate (or two) of cakes for the school summer fete.
So, my thoughts went like this - baking (normally sugar & wheat free) wont go down well (if eaten at all!).
I need something thats fool proof, something that cant go wrong!
Yep Chocolate Crispy Cakes - full sugar (they should get eaten) and easy (I wont have a break down).
So yesterday they were been tried, tested and approved! I can now go on holiday with one less thing on my mind (unless there is suddenly a shortage of Mars bars!)

Easy Peasy Chocolate Crispy Cakes.

5 Mars bars chopped (minus a piece for testing purposes)
150gm Butter

Melt the above over a dish suspended over a saucepan of boiling water (bowl not touching the water). 

100gm Rice Krispies (type rice cereal)


Take small cake / biscuit mould and line with cling film. 
Place in Mixture - pack down!  

Leave in the fridge over night (or a good few hours)

75gm plain chocolate (or be alternative and try something like chilli chocolate!)

Melt over the pan as above and decorate the Crispy Cakes in lines / dots / completely cover!
Place back in fridge till hard and...