Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Terry de Havilland Sample Sale...

So today was the, yes The Terry de Havilland sample sale. I contemplated not going (crazy) but having had the fantastic opportunity to meet the awesome gentleman and his equally fantastic wife Liz (they really are fantastic, kind, generous and inspiring!) I knew I was the same size as a sample size (scream - awesome!! - well I did).

Drive to school.
9am drop Mushroom at school (gave him a kiss and ran!)
9.15am Cab straight to town.
9.45am Waiting outside the store (Second from left - top left photo!!)
10am Enter (Near mental break down)
10.30am Frozen yogurt (Trying to re-enter earth...)
11am Cab back to school

Still trying to breath...

Tomorrow I will share the fantastic shoes I was able to get my hands on (rip out of others - joke!) but for today I want to be selfish and have them to myself (Its an addiction).

Tee - Whistles, Dress - RSPCA Charity Shop