Friday, 7 June 2013

Holiday - A week later...

So a week after our holiday and what we are we left with... Actually, as exhausting as holidays can be (especially with kids!) we have come home and a week later we are still utilising our holiday - Mushroom is insisting on a siesta after school! and I am now nearly two weeks into giving up refined sugar! I'm no saint and my reasons were as follows -
Adult acne (Hormones / chin)
Wrinkles (I'm not shallow...)
But as hard as it is (It is!) and I can't see how it can get better, I am happy to say that the acne has made a marked improvment and although the wrinkles are still there (the ones not ousted by Botox) I have had some great comments about how well I look!
Now if I could just fit a siesta in...

Dress - Mind Charity Shop,
 Sweatshirt - ASOS (Husbands seconds - cut down to size. Jersey doesn't fray),
 Shoes - Mui Mui  (Outlet - Tuscany), Necklace - Ibiza