Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sales Shopping & The Leather Trouser Search...

Normally a month or so before the sales I start to think about what pieces I'd love but cant justify (afford) the price. I draw up a list - items, designers and internet shops (I rarely get further than Islington - and thats only about a mile away!) but admittedly as the discounts become greater a few (unnecessary) items fall in 'the basket'.

So far this year I have succeeded in sticking to my plan! (there's always time to deviate... but I digress). High on my list were leather trousers - I have trawled websites high and low (cost) to find 'the' pair even selecting and trying on a pair of Saint Laurent leather trousers - heaven on the model just not the fit for me (fabulous to have tried on anyway!) and was giving up. Then, a sale item appeared. The last pair and in my size - mine - I 'grabbed' them in to my 'basket', signed, sealed and delivered they can always be sent back but no! These babies are staying!

Which also leads me to the boots - Acne - Discounted - and - truly Awesome!

Jeans - Current Elliott, Cardigan - Primark, Shirt - Charity Shop Find, Boots - Acne (Start Boutique)
Leather Trousers - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Matches)