Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The School Gate & High Heels...

 For reference... Mr Happy face...

...& Mr Greedy tummy!

It occurred to me today just how much I hide behind what I wear. The more difficult the times, the bigger the sunglasses and the higher the heels! but there in lies a wee problem, I can't drive in heels and there fore end up on the 'school run' wearing beaten up sneakers. Not a problem but as 'the school gate' situation terrifies me (everyone seem so fabulous, so in control!) that I shuffle! So do I change my shoes to walk the 500 yards, continue to do what looks like the 'dodgy mum shuffle' or just get a grip?! 
Enough said - I'll get a grip! (writing anything down is so therapeutic - or just plain old scary to see how bonkers I sound!)

Skirt - Charity Shop, Sweatshirt - Zoe Karssen, Ankle Boots - Pour La Victoire, Sunglasses Mui Mui
Mushroom PJ Top - KyNa Boutique, Leggings - Olive Loves Alfie